Main features

High resolution and accuracy
Over 30 years of experience in the production of laser interferometers
allows us to offer resolution and accuracy of the
laser tailored to customers most demanding needs.
Competitive price
We try to make the HPI-3D a good choice both for demanding
and cost-cutting clients. That is why we offer a complete Laser
System for the price of competitors single components.
Wireless operation
Thanks to the wireless connection to a PC and wireless
environmental and basis temperature sensors the usage
of the laser system becomes more flexible and faster.
Electronic alignment tool
This useful option not only speeds up the usually toilsome
beam alignment procedure but also allows reducing cosine
errors improving the overall performance of the system.
Results traceable to national standards
HPI-3D was many times successfully tested in a variety of National
Standards Laboratories. Moreover, in some laboratories,
it is used as a standard for length comparison.
Operation at any angle
The unique laser head mounting makes the operation
of the head at any angle a trifle. The application gives also
information about the rotation and elevation of the head.
The complete laser system is transported in a light and handy
case. Therefore it is easy to move it from one place to another.
It is especially important during machine servicing.
Ease of use
HPI-3D has improved thanks to constant feedback from users.
Thanks to that it is unbeatable on the market.
Unique optics
The HPI-3D interferometer has an excellent optics that is characterized
by unrivaled thermal stability.
G-codes generator
The application consists free of charge module for tool path
generation in G-codes simplifying and speeding up the positioning
and straightness measurements.
3D measurements
Each HPI-3D in its basic configuration is equipped in the
unique 3D system allowing rapid simultaneous measurement
in three axes with the standard linear optics.
Direct mount on machines
Each laser head is equipped in a magnetic base. Thanks to this,
the laser head can be put anywhere inside the machine reducing
greatly the beam alignment time.



The positioning of CNC and CMM machines

Machine geometry inspection

Flatness measurements *

Axes parallelism measurements *

Vibration measurements

Variety of laboratory applications

• Straightness measurements *
• Squareness measurements *
• Small angle measurements *

Angular positioning *

Ball screw inspection *

Dynamic measurements with an internal or external strobe

* additional optics required

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